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With a soft cushioned offset handle, a small quad base, and a sleek silver color, this walking cane combines comfort, maneuverability, and style. Its offset handle design stabilizes the user by centralizing their weight over the base of the cane. The quad canes small base means it can easily be used to maneuver daily and is easy to leave standing when not in use. It’s height-adjustable and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

  • Soft, cushioned cane handle for comfort. For anyone using a mobility aid daily, comfort is essential. This offset canes cushioned handle is soft to touch and designed to be used daily as a primary source of support.
  • Sleek silver finish. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of this small base quad cane is its elegant silver color. Its bright finish reflects light and colors, adding a flair of style.
  • Small base for easy maneuverability. A substantial advantage of small base quad canes is they’re easy to maneuver in small spaces. This design adds agility to the user and allows them to walk with ease, comfort, and flexibility compared to large base quad canes. The four support tips also make it convenient for the user to leave the cane standing up without a support surface.
  • An adjustable cane with the push of a push button. Having the proper height settings on a cane is vital for adequate support. This cane can be easily adjusted with just the push of a button to accommodate the heights of various users.
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Weight Capacity

250 lbs

Height Adjustable





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