Juzo Dynamic

Product Description: 

Juzo Dynamic is the ideal circular knit stocking for high demands and special requirements. It is characterised by a subtle mesh design and is exceptionally durable, thanks to its dense knitted fabric. Juzo Dynamic fits perfectly, even during vigorous physical activity. Thanks to numerous options it can be perfectly adapted to various requirements and therefore used to treat many different conditions.

In order to guarantee a pleasant wearing sensation, the compression tights can be individually adapted using a width-adjustable elastic and waistband.

Juzo Dynamic Silver and Juzo Dynamic Cotton models of the compression stocking are also available:

Juzo Dynamic Silver (for Art. 3511 / 3512 / 3513)

With an antibacterial effect that soothes the skin

Juzo Dynamic Silver is particularly recommended when the skin is subjected to a lot of strain, or is often irritated or sore. The silver in the knitted-in X-Static silver thread has an antibacterial effect, thus reducing skin irritations and helping to restore the natural balance of inflamed or irritated skin. This results in a noticeable reduction in itching. In addition, the X-Static fibres are odour-inhibiting and can regulate the skin’s climate, thanks to their thermodynamic effect. Another advantage of the silver thread that is knitted-in throughout the entire fabric is its wash resistance. This means the effect of the medical silver will last for the product’s entire life cycle.

Juzo Dynamic Cotton (for Art. 3511 / 3512)

Especially skin-friendly cotton fabric

Juzo Dynamic Cotton combines the positive properties of Juzo Dynamic with the advantages of cotton. The comfortable natural fibre on the inner surface of this compression stocking is particularly skin-friendly and also feels pleasant for patients with skin irritations and allergies. The highly functional material combination wicks moisture away from the skin, ensuring a pleasant wearing sensation.