Etude Home Care Bed Package


Etude Home Care Bed Package

Product Features:

• Built in dual height brackets allow the bed to be lowered to an industry best 7.8″ in height
• Simplistic design allows for tool free assembly and maintenance
• 8 function hand control enables the user or caregiver to lock out functions for increased safety
• Conforms to the IEC bed standard IEC60601-2-52 and siderails have all met the demands for strength and entrapment guidelines required in the new safety standards for beds


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Etude Home Care Bed Package – Invacare

The ETUDE Home Care bed, with its attractive aesthetics, flexible design, simple operation and easy handling is the ideal
choice for community home care.

The ETUDE Home Care Bed Package

Is the only advanced homecare bed to offer Shear Management Technology as a standard feature, reducing
shear and friction providing superior comfort and safety. The SMT feature is provided through the auto-regression of the head
section while repositioning in ETUDE HC through use of the 8 function hand control.

Supporting your needs.

The Etude HC homecare bed features a wide range of options and accessories providing you the
opportunity to customize the positioning, transfer assistance and design of your bed. These options makes the Invacare Etude
HC one of the most unique and versatile homecare
beds available today.

Package includes: ETUDE-HC BED, SPS1080 Solace Prevention, ESR-2478 Side Support Rail 16″x16

Product Options:

Verso Side Support Rails 15×59”

The Verso Side Support Rail is a ¾ length rail that ascends the ETUDE HC to a new level of patient care. The
Verso Side Support Rails provide a unique collapsible, folding solution, accommodating the needs of those at
a higher risk of falls or requiring enhanced care.

Lifting Support Trapeze Kit

The Lifting Support Trapeze Kit provides safe and convenient overhead repositioning assistance while in bed.
This kit is exclusive to the ETUDE HC and simply and securely mounts into the receivers of the head section.
It can be mounted completely tool-free on either the left or right hand side.

Side Support Rail 16×12 & 16×16

The 16×12 and 16×16 Side Support Rails deliver safe and simple transfers. These ¼ and ½ rail inspired designs
provide the necessary accommodations for safe positioning and transfer support, while ensuring user safety
by meeting global bed standard entrapment guidelines.

Side Swivel Transfer Supports

The ETUDE HC Side Swivel Transfer Supports are a unique solution for users in search of a low profile, discreet
transfer aid. The swivel handles remain below the surface of the mattress and are easily swung out and locked
into position to provide necessary transfer support on the right or left hand side.

Beech Accent Panels

The attractive Beech Accent Panels fit easily over the ETUDE HC side frame. The
ESP-2716 adds a designer expression providing subtle contrasts enhancing the
ETUDE HC’s modern style, delivering a versatile and appealing addition to any décor.
This option cannot be used in conjunction with the EVSR-1823 Verso Side Support

Transportation and Storage Adaptor Kit

Storage and delivery management of the ETUDE HC is made simple, safe and
efficient with the use of the Transportation and Storage Adaptor kit. The ETA-3779
allows the ETUDE HC to be stored together in one compact mobile unit using the
beds existing casters, enhancing the ease of storage and transport and vastly
reducing the opportunity for component loss and damages.

Deck Extension Kit

The Deck Extension Kit adds an additional 4” or 8” of length to the ETUDE HC to
accommodate applications where a deck length of greater than 80” is required.

Emergency Battery back-up kit

Add an additional level of safety, comfort and piece of mind with the EBBK-4186.
The 12V 1.3 AH rechargeable battery provides a temporary power supply enabling the
user or caregiver to safely re-position the bed in emergency situations where 110V
AC becomes unavailable. Up to four cycles can be achieved with a full charge.

Additional information

Weight Capacity

360 lbs

Height Adjustable






Max Backrest Angle


Max Leg Rest Lift


Bed Weight

166 lbs (base)

Mattress Size

Twin XL


16 x 16 Half Rails, Verso Full Rails


Solace Prevention 1080, Solace Therapeutic 3080


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