9 Hacks to Make Your Home More Accessible

Wheelchair users across the country share how they make their living spaces a little easier to manage. Hopefully one of these inexpensive hacks will work for you, or even better, spark an idea for your own ingenious access solution.

These hacks include:

Hack 1: Install Pull-Out Cutting Boards Below Oven and Microwave

Hack 2: Bring Clothes Down to Your Level

Hack 3: Use Garage Tracks to Make Rolling Shelves

Hack 4: Get Into Any Kind of Vehicle

Hack 5: Switch to a Expandable Fabric Garden Hose

Hack 6: Embrace Your Style

Hack 7: Go Wild with a Wet Room

Hack 8: Declutter Your Sports Gear With Pulley Lifts

Hack 9: Put Casters on Your Kitchen Table

See the New Mobility Link below for more information on each hack


If you’d like to chat with our Universal Design Department about how you can implement these hacks, please contact us below!

Dave Thompson